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MeblikInformationHow to decorate?

How to decorate?

Wardrobes in a teen bedroom

Wardrobes in a teen bedroom When arranging an interior which should be for years, many questions appear. Where to place a bed, what should go on a window, how to use a space, what furniture choose to give everything in the bedroom its own place… To make taking decisions at least a little bit easier check options for one of the most needed units.


A place for a newborn

A place for a newborn We need to prepare ourselves appropriately to welcome a new family member. This is why we have special propositions for the youngests – from a crib, through wardrobes, up to accessories.


Small area [tips, inspirations]

Small area [tips, inspirations] A bedroom size is one of the most important issues when arranging an interior. It significantly influences a furniture setting. If the space is little, it requires some effort to do it in the best possible way.


Bunk bed in kids bedroom

Bunk bed in kids bedroom Two kids and a little space – it is one of the most schemes in our lives. What trick should we use to find the best solution in this matter?


Trendy colours

Trendy colours The Pantone Colour Institute, an expert and a trendsetter in colours, every year releases a colour trend which will dominate in fashion and design industry. Our designers go hand in hand with the latest trends and make their best to smuggle some of them to kids bedrooms projects.


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