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MeblikAbout MeblikHighest quality

Safety and quality

Safety Certificate

Meblik has safety certificates published by an independent, renowned and accredited company TUV Rheinland Group, a leading provider of service industry in the world. Meblik has received a warranted trademark MONITORING + TEST which gave us guarantee to produce furniture.


Best materials

Fronts from chipboards are coated with several paint coats to provide for high quality, ultimate finish and perfect look. Special treatment of fronts enhances softness and delicate velevety.

Tops made from chipboards and covered with thermoplastic film that provide scratch, abrasion and spall ultimate resistance. Perfect solution for any conditions.

Bodies of furniture made from laminated boards of high technical parameters in comparison to commonly used veneered boards.

Edges of most protruded furniture elements have been specially designed (curve radius R=5, other elements radius R=2). Our furniture provide ultimate protection for children even during crazy playing.

Functionality and safety

Supports under shelves - special fixing of shelves protects against unintended shelves pulling out.

Protection against tip over - Any tall piece of furniture as wardrobe, shelving or chests were provided with special tape to prevent accidental tip-overs.

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