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Meblik7x Why MeblikSafe and certified

Safe and certified

Safe and certified

Rounded edges, non-toxic water-based German and Italian lacquers, BLUM fittings (hinges and runners) with a soft-close system under a life span warranty, a wall straps – each unit has been designed in such a way that it is not only functional, but also safe.

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An interior of a growing child should to be 100% kid-friendly! All furniture has been tested in terms of safety and meet stringent European Union standards imposed on products for children. Additionally, most of the furniture holds safety certificates. What’s more, it has been proved that we can guarantee a production repeatability of manufactured goods and a stability of production process. It is not only a confirmation of conformity of pattern tested only once.

Tests report

Each furniture unit from a serial production was tested in terms of safety and quality. Below pictures showing what dramatic tests our products have been subjected.

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