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Rugs Carrpets

Unique design

Rugs are made of 100% high quality New Zealand wool.
Just like our furniture, rugs have one of a kind design. Specially designed cretes more possibilities in creating the perfect children room.
Pleasant in touch, simultaneously safe for children and thanks to high quality material rugs can be used for a very long time.


Rugs in collections: Oceanic, Savanna, Traveller, Dakar, Formula, Carmel and Tatto have 100x140cm.
Rug in Princessa collection has 130x163cm.

How to clean?

Rugs should be cleaned by a carpet sweeper or brush in 20-40 Celsius degree, dry in a splayed out positions. Do not wash. Do not wash chemically. 

Vacuum cleaning is highly recommended from the  very beginning. It is recommended to vacuum the carpet with a soft tip (nozzle) for the first six months of use. In the early use, we can see carpet's leaving loose and dead fibres of the floor area, which concerns customers. This is not a defect, but a phenomenon prevailing in sheared pile products. After a stabilization of the pile cover, this phenomenon ceases. It can last for about two months depending on usage.

  • Do not allow to completely wet
  • Shampooing only with specialized service
  • Immediately remove all the stains and dirt
  • Before shampooing the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed
  • Dry carpet in a horizontal position at room temperature


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