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MeblikNew3 new collections

New Collectionsfurniture for girl bedroom

Furniture for teenagers - Fashion Mint, Pink & Chevron

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to announce that 3 new collections have joined Meblik’s offer for teenagers. These collections are a serious competition for colorless and conventional solutions. Each of collection is unique, stylish and designed in a fresh direction of home furnishings. They are mostly dedicated to teenage girls who love to follow the current trends of big world of fashion and will satisfy any, even the most sophisticated tastes.

Fashion Pink

Fashion Pink is addressed to all lovers of timeless rouge color with its soft touch of luxury and elegance topped with a shining crystals on handles and head of the bed.

Fashion Mintfurniture for teenage girl bedrooms

Following the current trends we recommend Fashion Mint- energy and modern avant-garde shown in carefully printed and engraved designs which define the character and the chic of collection. Combative, mint bestseller is suitable for the front pages of most famous magazines.

Chevronmodern children furniture

For those who are looking for a more conservative room designs we offer light, well-balanced and smart
collection of Chevron. White fronts together with world-famous multicolored “chevron” pattern exposes the simple chic of the furniture. Symmetry itself introduces a neatness and sequence to arranged room.

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