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MeblikNewNew collections for the fans of music furniture for music fansand graffiti

New collections for the fans of music furniture for music fansand graffiti

Music Live Pink

The furniture ideal for a teenage girl!

Let the music be with you all the time! This autumn we are happy to present the collection which is definitely going to meet the requirements of young, passionate artists, being in love with both, the music and the eye-catching, engraved graphics!

If you need a good recipe for a proper tone, we can help you. Your room expects something unusual! Your room craves for the Music Live Pink collection whose patterns as well as colours will make you smile every day. The world of beautiful music and the world of even more beautiful furniture seems to be at hand!

furniture for music fans

Graffiti ArtGraffiti Art

Feast for the eye

Your room has the unique chance to be filled with originality, because of the items representing the Graffiti Art Collection. On top of that, the contrast between the vivid greenness and the mild whiteness as well as greyness, makes the collection noticeable.

The youth, positive energy and the desired independence – things that you are searching for at the moment.  The Graffiti Art Collection combines all of them in one place. Which place? Your room, of course! The employed patterns underline the main theme, supported by the white background. Immerse into the atmosphere of the artistic freedom.

Graffiti Art

Music Live Red

Feel like a rock star!

The weather does not seem to be optimistic. However, we have got an alternative for you!

Your working day is always busy…isn’t it? Try to find a minute for yourself Take a rest, surrounded by the patterns you love and the colours you have always dreamt about.

The Music Live Red collection will definitely inspire you to start your musical adventure in the environment you know from the very beginning. If you wish to spend your time off looking at your new, unusual wardrobe and thinking about your greatest passion, this particular collection will match your style!

music-live-red-.jpg (1600 x 1134)     music-live-red-2.jpg (1600 x 1132)

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