7x why Meblik


We designed every piece of furniture in such a way that it is safe for kids! Additionally, we test our products by ourselves. The Meblik company was founded by parents of little toddlers who put their safety first until this day. Every unit is made with great care and attention to the smallest details. It was also tested in terms of safety and met strict European Union standards imposed on products for children.

Our products are characterised by

  • rounded edges in kids' furniture, 
  • ater-based Sherwin Williams lacquers, 
  • UV hardened fronts, 
  • BLUM fittings with a soft-close system under a lifetime warranty, 
  • special anti-tip wall straps.

Moreover, our products were awarded a TÜV Rheinland Test+Monitoring conformity mark, which means:

  1. a positive result of a production line audit,
  2. a manufacturing technology used machinery, and tools, production line organisation, qualifications of personnel who take part in a production process and quality control, claims registration and taken actions connected with them were checked

It is a guarantee of production repeatability of manufactured goods and its stability!

We have almost 50 series for kids and teens! Each is different and distinguishes itself with a unique main theme. Together we create both fairytale and very realistic patterns. Kids series are designed, having in mind little ones who discover the World with all their senses.

Kids' fingers travel around grooves on fronts, which supports a psychomotor development and exciting design and colourfull applications help developing creativity and learning shapes and colours. Engravings presented on fronts of teenage furniture are supposed to complete and decorate interior even of those who are most demanding. 



All are created with the highest diligence, and their design is always adjusted to range stylistics. On one hand, dresses and flowers, on the other hand, a footballer's figure and racing cars... Both girls and boys will find something for themselves!

The third step to your kids’ dream bedroom is a delivery. Willing to fully realise your order, we offer the delivery of the furniture. Details concerning the delivery will discuss with you a consultant while placing the order. Next, after 4-6 weeks (order time) the consultant will contact you to set a precise delivery date.


If you need any assistance with an assembly, please remember that we are willing to help you. Whether you need a little clue or a bigger advice what fix with what, call or write us and we will give you a feedback.

Call +48 577 447 847

e-mail: service@meblik.pl

Everyday use of furniture by kids results that they fave very high requirements. They must be not only durable but also safe. That is why we offer a 5-year warranty covering production defects and furniture assembled by our professional team.

Before furniture arrives at your door, first it needs to undergo a complex production process. In the factory itself, up to 48 people work on a production of one wardrobe!

We use modern technologies, the highest quality materials, and advanced machinery, which is operated only by qualified and experienced staff. Thanks to this we are appreciated not only in Europe but in the whole World! We offer Premium quality in attractive prices and profitable special offers. Anyway.. See for yourself!

It all started in 2006 with two friends who have established an innovative solution in the furniture world. All of this to give wardrobes, chests of drawers and beds a unique character which will cheer kids bedrooms up. Today, Meblik hires almost 300 workers in the whole country and enters new markets in the entire World. Guided by a principle that the good is the only thing that double when you share it, we have engaged in a social activity. 

Since 2008 we are cooperating with Polish Humanitarian Action. We have supported building four clear water wells in South Sudan, thanks to what quality of life of Bor and Kuerdiek inhabitants considerably increased. In Poland, we cooperate with funds' Beautiful Angels', 'I have a dream' and 'SOS Children's Villages' with whom we have redecorated bedrooms of kids in need. We also create Kid Zones in Warsaw, Toruń, Rzeszów, and Wisła Wielka, etc. There are lots of elements contributing to our success.

Suppliers, workers, and You, Customers, and your feedback result in products and services quality. It's only the beginning of our way; we have still heads full of ideas and lots of energy to work. Let's do some work!

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