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Desk for kidsDesk for kids

A choice of a desk and arranging a bedroom for a student is an event for a whole family. Especially, if our little one goes to school for the first time, let’s make the choice of the desk an important stage of arrangements of a would-be first-grader. Starting school is one of the most important events of the year. So, all in all, what desk should we choose?

An answer is easy, adjusted to a child’s height, big enough to store all notebooks and textbooks. A rich offer of our desks for sure will please even those the most picky – a diversity of patterns and colours will easily let us match the desk to a furniture and a bedroom’s theme.

Desk UP

While choosing the desk for a 6-year-old, it’s worth to choose such a desk with a height adjustment. A desk UP is available in three dimensions: 100cm, 120cm and 140cm. It has up to 5 levels of a desktop height (UP 100 and 120) from 50cm to 75cm and thanks to that the desk will be good even when our first-grader goes to a high school. Additionally, the desktop covered with a heat-shrink foil is resistant to chips and scratches, so learning to write, drawing and painting can go full blast. Any dirt can be easily wiped out with a damp cloth. A desk UP 140 has in fact only two levels of the desktop height (61 and 74cm), but it can be set with a Box or a TV Box. Thanks to this solution, all notebooks and textbooks will be at hand. All desks have school bag hangers, so that it is easier to keep an order.

Desk 145

A 145 cm wide classic desk. Two capacious side containers which can store all school staff, notebooks, textbooks, paints, sketchpads and many more. On the other hand, markers, rulers and beyond will have their place in a drawer under the desktop. As in UP desks, also the desktop of the desk 145 is covered with a heat-shrink foil. Cabinets’ doors are decorated with engravings in all kids’ ranges.


It is definitely the most functional solution. A 2 in 1 combination will be perfect in a small interiors, where every inch counts. The bookcase-desk will fit in any bedrooms’ corner, taking only a little space.

All edges in kids’ desks are rounded to increase a child’s safety. Additionally, they are equipped with a decorative crown which will prevent small things, such as markers, from falling down.

An issue will look a little bit different if we choose the desk for a teenager. Going back to school is not so exciting. Nonetheless, let’s take care about a place dedicated to learning. It should be to teenager’s liking. They will spend at their desk lots of time, studying, doing homework or reading. Let’s check what desks are dedicated to teenagers:

Desk YO Mix

The desk YO Mix is the most popular model among desks for teenagers. It is probably because of a possibility to set with a container YO, RTV YO 100 or RTV YO 150. It can be set in any position: collaterally, perpendicularly, at an angle, outside, inside, under the desktop, so the study space can be measured to teenager’s needs. A 25mm laminated desktop is resistant to chips and scratches, and what is more, it will not bent under a weight of all textbooks and set books.

Desk for children

Desk YO Mix Plus

Pimped out version of desk YO Mix. Apart from a functionality of the desk YO Mix, an extra desktop height adjustment has been added (two levels possible 65 and 75cm). An option especially useful when a kid is still growing up and we want to take care of a proper body position while doing homework.

Desk YO 14 Max Plus

Max Plus is one of the most functional desks available on the market. Starting with a desktop covered with a heat-shrink foil, which is easy to keep clean, through desktop height adjustment (57cm, 64cm, 70cm, 77cm) to a tilting work surface with a small organiser under the desktop. Additionally, a top unit can be set on the desktop that to what we will get more space for the most needed staff.

Bookcase desk for kidsBookcase-desk

A teenage version of the bookcase-desk. Bigger with more shelves since there is only more and more things. Engraved bookcase doors match with their pattern to the whole range, thanks to what the bookcase-desk perfectly matches the interior.

Desk YO 125 and 140

The most classical type of the desk available in our offer. Unlimited space under the desktop allows to put a container or place a whole swivel chair under the desktop.

While choosing the desk, we should remember about a student’s comfort. Keeping an ergonomic position is very important, so that a time spent at the desk will be as much productive as possible. That’s why, a choice of a swivel chair is as much crucial as the choice of the desk. Smooth adjustment is a must. It is worth to choose the chair which has a possibility to regulate a backrest and a seat separately. Then, we can be sure that a back has an appropriate support.

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