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MeblikNewChildren’s and teenage desks

Children’s and teenage desks

biurko7.jpg (976 x 649)Children’s desks – growing-up efficiently

We all know that space matters, and that is why we are going to meet you halfway. Regardless of the fact whether your room’s dimensions astonish or not,  you still have a choice. Decide upon the width you need most, basing on three, available options. The ERGO alternative reveals completely new solutions that will follow your child’s uncontrolled growth. Do not hesitate to make the final decision and adjust the product to the circumstances.

Furthermore, the problem of chaos disappears automatically after placing your accessories in our practical organizer. If you opt for more, what about the functional annexe or the eye-catching top-shelf? Your room will definitely get the style you feel comfortable with! Are you an aesthete? Your appearance may be controlled on regular basis, owing to the qualities the high-class dressing table provides.

To complete the process of furnishing, remember about one of our modern chairs!

The offer consists of:

  • The 10 desk
  • The 10 Ergo desk
  • The 12 desk
  • The 12 Ergo desk
  • The 14 desk
  • The 14 Ergo desk
  • The 14 Max desk
  • The 14 Max Ergo desk

biurko6.jpg (1021 x 680)

Desks for the teenagers – maximum satisfaction!

The older you are, the more you want…

Inspiration has never been a problem for us. Take your time and have a look! Immerse yoursef into the exciting world of unique, adjusting their height - desks. Take advantage of the MIX or the MAX alternatives, bearing in mind that the additional Plus option, allows you to control the level the item is expected to work on. Besides, forget about the accidental scratches, since the foiled table-top prevents the product from being damaged.

The additional,  easy-to-pull, left or right part of the table-top, facilitates the process of switching from vertical to the horizontal position, depending on your body requirements. In case you need your accessories to be segregated carefully, make use of the practical organizer whose features guarantee the highly-desired organization.

Whenever you wish to expose your belongings, employ the multitasking-oriented top-shelf or the easily-accessible annexe, transforming the product into the corner-desk.

Express yourself to the max!

  • The MIX desks made of the laminated table-top/ the MAX desks made of the resistant to scratches, foiled table-top
  • The practical organizer available for the MIX desks; not available for the 125 i 140 desks
  • the easy-to-pull, left or right part of the table-top that can be regualted according to the preferred position of the body, choosing between the horizontal or the vertical option – available for the MAX desks

The offer consists of:

  • The 125 desk
  • The 140 desk
  • The Mix desk
  • The Mix Plus desk
  • The 14 Max Desk
  • The 14 Max Plus Desk

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