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Meblik presents furniture for kids and teenagers which has unique engravings on the fronts of our products. We gurantee the most modern technology, functionality and safety above all.

Child’s room

You can find everything what you need in our offer, to create a delightful and colourful children room. We recommend to choose our attractive offer of baby and children furniture. All of our products are made of the best materials and are the highest quality.


Among our proposal sales we can distinguished our exceptionally comfortable and unique baby cribs. They’re really safe and have all the highest quality standards. Every child will feel convenient and putting them into sleep will be pure pleasure.

Children beds

Our beds for children are divided according to various different collections. Are made of the highest quality materials, to provide healthy  and comfortable dreams for our children. Both girls and boys will appreciate the fancy patterns and colours on their beds, creating just the perfect place to sleep.

Furniture for children

Our furniture for children has a various rage of original and beautiful collections. They’re divided in to different collections for both girls and boys. Visit our website and we promise you that you won’t find such wonderful and lovely furniture in the whole wide world!

Children furniture

We offer solid and resistant children furniture. With them you can create a room for your children that they could only dream of. We’ve created and offer a.i. for young explorers, car lovers, oceanography and animal fans and so on.

Teenage furniture

We thought also about our older fans and we’ve created special teenage furniture. They’re really functional, practical and suitable for a teenage room. You will love our modern and interesting design with patterns you won’t see nowhere in the whole wide world.

Meblik creates the passion of our polish engineers and the unique reserved engraving technology. We also have the lifetime guarantee for Blum® fittings and safe water paints with all of the necessary approvals.

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